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The following slides show the conversion of the house batteries on a 47 foot trawler from a 24 Volt 800 AH lead acid battery bank to a 300 AH Lithium Ion battery which provides more reserve power at less weight with less maintenance over the expected 10-15 year life of the battery.

One 300 AH lithium Ion battery replaced 800 AH of lead acid batteries. See conversion guide.

Trellis provides not only the product, Lithium Ion batteries, but also assists the owner with:

  1. Sizing of the replacement Lithium Ion battery(s).  A Lithium Ion AH equals up to 4X the lead acid AH equivalent  
  2. Materials list for the conversion
  3. Modification requirements, if needed, for the power system and battery locations
  4. Manufacturing capability for replacement battery boxes etc.
  5. Installation assistance including turn key proposals
  6. Warranty certification of the installation
  7. Follow up service plans if needed

Slide show of Lithium Ion replacement of lead acid batteries.

With over 50 years of marine operations, repair and technology service experience, Trellis is focused on marine installation services.

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